USCIS Awards TechnoGems MATRIX Task Order

TechnoGems, Inc. proudly announces we have been awarded an 8a STARS II task order by the U. S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) Identity, Records, and National Security Delivery (IRNSD) Division. TechnoGems will provide Agile teams with an automation-first approach to assist in the advancement of services and technologies by using artificial intelligence and machine learning for entity and identify resolution.

“We are excited to be building a system that helps USCIS realize intelligent insights through an ecosystem of structured and chaotic data and algorithms and providing a layer of explainability” said Jean Meslie, President and CEO of TechnoGems.

TechnoGems has partnered with OneGlobe LLC to provide the DevSecOps teams and help USCIS achieve their objectives in this automation first approach. Each of these companies have been developing mission-critical, high-volume transaction processing and decision support systems for Department of Homeland Security components for many years. “We love to solve these sorts of problems - real mission impact, innovative technology that's right in our wheelhouse, and great customer vision and sponsorship. This is what we do, and we're very excited to have the opportunity to work with USCIS”, said Matt Nuss, Director of Engineering at OneGlobe.

TechnoGems is a boutique software development company located in Fairfax, Virginia was founded in 2007. They helped the Targeting and Analysis Program Directorate create its first Agile Development team as a pilot effort at Customs and Border Protection. The TechnoGems team comprises domain experts and experienced technologies with a wide variety of industry and leadership experience. TechnoGems has created CRM and Mobile solutions to both commercial and Government customers.

OneGlobe is a small business which provides innovative software engineering and IT consulting services to federal, state and local governments as well as commercial customers. They engage at all levels of the system development process from strategy to execution. OneGlobe creates solutions using modern approaches to software development like agile, automation first, data sciences and DevSecOps. The solutions they create include cloud-based mission focused enterprise systems leveraging big data, analytics, and user experience design practices.

TechnoGems and OneGlobe are committed to providing value to our customers using proven agile techniques and methodologies to deliver high quality software. Team TechnoGems will provide USCIS Identity, Records, and National Security Delivery Division (IRNSDD) with full lifecycle Agile team(s) with an automation-first approach to assist in the advancement of services and technologies using artificial intelligence and machine learning for data staging, integration, analysis, and governance.

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