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AI Powered Learning Experience Platform

The Edrevel platform allows you to create your own cloud managed whitelabel learning management solution. The system can be used as is along with the mobile app and let the academies/education institutions/organizations start their own curriculum with it. For more sophisticated users, the system can be customized to have a whitelabel solution.

Edrevel makes it easier to conduct continuous assessment and monitor student and instructor performance. Instructors/content creators can set up their content and assessments easily and schedule frequent evaluations. Online assessments make it easier to measure the progress of the students/learners and provide continuous feedback.

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Employee Timecard

The perfect solution for time management

Employee TimeCard, enables you to track working time of onsite, offsite and mobile employees. The solution records time and GPS location enabling employers to set up smart geofences and verify the location of their employees as they work from a remote location. The data can seamlessly be imported into QuickBooks, Email, and Excel for immediate invoicing and reporting.

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Employee work hours management with approval workflow

MyTimeSheet allows employees to report time worked on different projects with the help of a simple interface. Timesheet approval workflow allows supervisors to review and approve time records and get notifications. This ensures that time records are accurate. You can import data to QuickBooks or other accounting systems to generate accurate invoices. The app also sends alerts to users when work hours are not recorded on time

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